Working For Us

Saray Holding, one of Turkey's top employers, chooses all the staff members of the family as a result of careful and detailed preliminary work.

The principles we adopt that are honesty, being scientific, respect for national and international values, working with contemporary methods, being conventional, holding up the past as an example and being confident about the future, and respect for man and nature are our primary criteria for choosing staff. 

One of the important points of employing staff is competence in our institution which has been continuing its activities with the understanding of “The only way to survive for your company is to value humanity,  to serve human beings.” 

The ones who are able to manage change, lead the change and transformation agenda, are team-oriented, result-focused, creative and dedicated are always welcomed in our family. 

Using Competence Based Interviewing, Proffesional Personality Inventory and Assesment Studies that are in accordance with the requirements of the position, we evaluate the knowledge and experience of the people, and we provide the most suitable position for them. 

We are already pleased to welcome people of all ages, from all nations, from all specialties who want to work with us with passion, who think differently and want to produce with open arms…