2 Million Square Meters of Forest

Conversion of the area used as a landfill to forests by afforestation

In 1997, 2.000.000 m² of non-agricultural land used as a waste site on Karaman Mut Road was planted by Saray Holding Sekasar Foundation with great effort to make it gain forest quality. More than 1.500.000 saplings have been planted on the land so far, and planting, irrigation, plowing and maintenance services are continuing in the forest area.

Semiha Özdağ Memorial Forest was visited by Mr.Hayrettin Karaca, founder of TEMA Foundation, and a group of TEMA volunteers, and the saplings were planted. The project was also found praiseworthy by TEMA.

Our forestry project was awarded the ""Best Project Award"" among the Applied Environmental Projects in 2007 by the General Directorate of Foundations.