Adnan Özdağ

( 1954, Karaman – 1995, Karaman )

He started his business life with his father Kamil Özdağ. He went to primary and secondary school in Karaman. After his father Kamil Özdağ died, he left his education in the Imam Hatip School in 1970 and started his business life.

After working with his brother Hasan Özdağ in various businesses in Zeytinburnu and Sultanhamam in Istanbul between 1970 and 1971, he continued his father’s business, trading, in Karaman after 1972.

In 1974, he served as a commander in the Cyprus Peace Operation. He enlarged his business after returning from military.

He married Nimet Hanım in 1978 and had two chlidren, a girl and a boy.

In 1981, he established Saray Confectionery Limited Company, which is the foundation of Saray Holding together with his brothers Hasan Özdağ, Sami Özdağ and Ahmet Özdağ. He played an entrepreneurial and pioneering role in the development of the company.

Adnan Ozdag, who died at a very young age, had been an enthusiastic, generous, honest, appreciated, helpful, and cheery person throughout his life. 

He established SE-KA-SAR Semiha - Kamil - Adnan Özdağ Educational Health and Social Services Foundation, which has undertaken significant charity services, cultural and social responsibility projects in the region, by making his benevolence and generousness more institutionalized. 

Educational instittutions like Haci Adnan Özdağ Children's Traffic Training Park and Karaman Industrial Vocational High School Hacı Adnan Özdağ Food Technology Department cherish the memory and name of the late Adnan Ozdağ who was among the respected people of Karaman province.