4.0 Industrial Revolution

Carrying out its activities in a structure that is internalizing innovation, Saray Holding develops innovative products with high added value, services, processes and technological infrastructure studies aiming for the future.

In order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, it does important work both in the Holding company and in its brands.
Aiming to bring the information technologies and the industry together as a brand closely following the 4th industrial revolution, Saray Holding invests in low cost, space saving, low energy, low heat generating equipment working with high reliability and software systems that operates and maintains these equipment. It works on making all of the machines used in production processes compliant with Industry 4.0 standards and programming them accordingly.

From this point of view, contemporary 'energy management' techniques are even more prominent to ensure continuity, quality and minimum costs in energy inputs in today's environment where fuel reserves are declining and global competition is increasing. Saray, who initiated the cogeneration project, both aims to save fuel and protect the environment by investing in Karaman and Kirklareli plants. 
The cogeneration or, in other words, the natural gas conversion plant aims to produce electricity and heat energy simultaneously from the same fuel in the same system. With this initiative, Saray Bisküvi brings energy efficiency to the highest level in production.

Cogeneration systems are formed by producing electricity and heat energy with natural gas simultaneously in the same system.
Saray's investment in co-generation of 2 million Euros for both production plants is not causing transmission and distribution losses in high energy and fuel saving cogeneration systems. The heat generated while the electricity is produced is used with high efficiency, and the production is not affected by the electricity interruptions. Eco-friendly cogeneration systems with low carbon dioxide emissions leave a viable environment for future generations. While the efficiency of conventional power generation systems is around 35 to 40 percent, the energy efficiency produced by the cogeneration system is up to 95 percent and the fuel economy is up to 40 percent.

Another project of the Holding is INOSUIT - Innovation Focused Mentorship Project, which includes Saray Bisküvi. Saray Bisküvi, which participated in INOSUIT - Innovation Focused Mentorship Project, initiated by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and Sabancı University in order to increase export by creating sustainable added value, continues to grow. Saray, one of the leading companies selected among the companies of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, will receive innovation-focused academic consultancy support for 11 months. It will also be ensured that the Palace's access to strategic resources is facilitated and innovation road maps are identified with the most up-to-date technological trends. Innovation management system will be created during the INOSUIT project and the innovation capacity of the brand will be developed with a common language prepared by the mentors.

Renewable energy and fully integrated plant investments…

Established in order to contribute to the increasing energy needs in Turkey to meet with environmental, domestic and renewable sources without the need for imports, Saray Holding's subsidiary Greeneco Energy operates with an annual production capacity of 217,000,000 Kwh.
Greeneco Energy, which has a project investment of $ 110 million and is located in Denizli - Sarayköy - Tekkehamam region, is established on 2 thousand 250 hectare area. With the completion of the four-phase project in 2019, it aims to reach an investment value of $ 240 million and an annual production capacity of 540,000,000 KWh with an installed capacity of 60 MWe.

A fully integrated production facility Milkman Milk and Milk Products Inc., another subsidiary of Saray Holding, was established on an area of 50.000 m2 in Karaman in 2014 to produce milk, ayran, butter, cream, milk powder and differentiated cheese. Milkman, a flavor factory that carries the region's natural flavors to tables with modern facilities, offers innovative products that are delicious, popular and reliable with its high technology and strong R & D infrastructure by making healthy, hygienic, natural and efficient production in the milk and dairy products sector.
Certified with ISO 22000, ISO 9001/2008, BRC and Halal Food Certificates, Saray Milkman's products are also exported abroad.
The facility, which consists of two phases and is completed at the first stage, now has a capacity of 300 tons of milk processing per day. With the completion of the second stage investments, it will reach the capacity of 650 tons per day. In this fully integrated production facility equipped with cutting-edge technology from A to Z, healthy and hygienic products made of milk are sold in 10 thousand places in the country and abroad in countries such as Pakistan, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya and Palestine.