Saray Holding Corporate Citizenship

Saray Holding, the leading investment, production and exporter company of our country, continues to exist as an institution responsible for the culture, nature and the people of the country in which they live.

Saray Holding attaches great importance to green energy investments by using resources more efficiently and works for a more livable world by continuing education, environment and culture issues in the context of corporate citizenship. There is a foundation that pioneers the social services of Saray Holding, which carries out studies for service to the world and humanity. Saray Holding, which gives great support to education with Sekasar Foundation in Karaman, provides scholarship for the education of successful young people and food for the needy.

In addition, Sekasar Foundation, which planted an area of 2 million square meters in Karaman, made significant contributions to the city by bringing into a collection of seven volumes and 5079 pages called ‘Karaman Tarihi ve Kültürü’.

Having taken a consistent strategic approach to add value to our country and support corporate business goals, Saray Holding built Kamil Özdağ Science Faculty building affiliated to Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey University in Karaman, Hacı Adnan Özdağ Food Technology Department in Karaman Art School, Ahmet Yesevi Mosque, residences for Saray Holding workers with 96 dwellings, Adnan Özdağ Traffic Education Park for Children and presented them to the benefit of the society.