From The Chairman


Our principles as Saray Holding are to be faithful, determined, patient, persistent, hardworking and successful.

As Saray Holding and the executive team we believe that; righteousness, scientificness, respecting national and international values, being innovative, sharing, dynamic, strong and working with contemporary methods, adherence to traditions, looking to the future confidently by learning from the past, respecting to man and nature are the golden keys to the existence of long-lasting, stable and successful institutions and companies. Saray Holding is an economic foundation that prioritize to serve people with the understanding of “Value and serve human beings thus your institution exists"" and acts according to the universal rules of the economy.

Our goal is to direct our activities in the light of serving people internationally, consider the consumer needs with an innovative approach to serve humanity, gather companies and organizations to be established with the close follow-up of scientific and technological developments under the roof of our Holding and become a “Global Food Giant”.

As Saray Holding and its companies we believe that the most important capital is people and place a great emphasis on training. We also consider that the world’s resources must be utilized without waste and environmental pollution bearing in mind the effect of quality, capacity and profit factors on the existence of a company. As the management of Saray Holding we materialize a working approach that believes in integral group activity as a management and employees with a conscience that aims the universal peace and development of humanity.


We believe that Saray Holding and similar institutions, their employees and nations they have functioned in will help the prosperity, peace and happiness of the humanity, protection of the world’s resources and all living creatures.

Chairman Of The Board Of Directors